Monday, October 4, 2010


So as some of you may know I'm a rare breed of cloth diapering mamas.  Hence the Kelly's Closet button on my blog and my plug for cloth diapering.  :)  This is a post from one of the blogs I keep tabs on.  They reference CDM (cloth diapering mama) as an endangered species usually found in granola-eating areas.  Granola?!  Maybe sprinkled on my vanilla yogurt every once in awhile.  Not quite, but I've also wondered how many other CDMs (or anybody else) share some of my traits:
Using cloth wipes (don't be intimidated)
Making my own wipe solution (really, it is simple!)
Line drying diapers (and other articles of clothing)
Making your own baby food (you betcha I do!)
Reusable cloth grocery bags (racking up gas points @ Kroger)
Buy my kid's clothes from tasteful consignment shops or gently used hand-me-downs
BF (umm...not best friend or facebook backwards...but nursing for 6 months and still goin' strong!)

Maybe I'll add more if I keep thinking...anyway...all for now!

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