Thursday, October 14, 2010

Katie & Ryan: Versailles Wedding

Katie and Ryan come to me from another school far the majority of my customers are from the school system!  Go figure (I used to teach for those who didn't know).  Back in the spring I had the pleasure of shooting them for their engagement session.  While I was editing those images a song came over the radio (right, mp3 player, Pandora, itunes...I'm pretty old school) and it totally got me pumped to keep editing.  Well, just the fact they were awesome subjects and you could TOTALLY see the love between the two of them was enough to keep editing!!  Anyway, it was an 'Eye of the Tiger' moment, ya know?  The song was 'Undone' by FFH.  So fast forward to Saturday morning, Oct.2 to be precise.  I'm backing the car out of the driveway; on my way to their wedding...and WHAT is on the radio...UNDONE!!  All my nerves were put to ease; it was going to be an AWESOME day! 

Katie and Ryan were married at Versailles Baptist Church.  What was so special about this ceremony?  Her father was the minister who married them (I just got goose bumps and teared up again).  So keep that in mind as you browse through their images.  :)  Also, as you browse, see if you can find her 'something blue.'  Ok, enough's what you've been waiting for...

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