Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I Love About Him

5 months have flown by.  where did they go?  take some time to reminisce...what i'll never forget about my lil man...
1.  the way his feet still curl in, as if saying, "mommy, i won't forget the safe, snug womb where you nurtured and protected me for 9 months.'
2.  that sleepy toothless grin he flashes me every morning.
3.  his cackle...oh that cackle warms the cockles of my heart
4.  how he cries 'mamamamama' when he's sleepy
5.  the raspberries i hear being blown from the backseat in the car
6.  the midnight feedings.  i used to hate them.  but then i couldn't stand the thought of him being a teenager.  so bring on the rocking, lullabies, and snuggles.
7.  the proud smile that boasts, 'i pooped!'
8.  one word: footies (who doesn't love a baby in footie pajamas?!)
9.  the way his lips pucker up when he's concentrating (whether it be pooping, sitting, reaching for a toy, focusing, etc)
10.  the way his face wrinkles up when he cries.  it still looks the same as the day he was born.
11.  when he runs his fingers through my hair with a grin on his face.
12.  the cooing when his belly is full and eyelids are heavy.
13.  he clings like a baby koala, arms wrapped around my neck and shoulder, legs clamped around my waist.
14.  thumb sucking
15.  snuggling into my neck when he's sleepy.
16.  doing his superman pose as he teeter totters on his belly
17.  splashing in the bath tub
18.  coordinating outfits to match his cloth diaper (i'm a dork!)
19.  powder on the buns
20.  a wet, open mouth kiss (which leaves a trail of drool)

and so i must go to bed soon...7:30 will be here before i know it.  i am tempted to grab a few more minutes of snuggle time.  i trained him well to fall asleep on his own, but sometimes i regret it.  no amount of rocking or singing will lull him to sleep...he just wants to be put down.  to tuck his legs underneath him and let the thumb find its way to his mouth.  to snuggle under his blanket until the mr. sandman pays a visit. 

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