Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cloth Diaper Mama

The Cloth Diaper Whisperer 

Kelly's Closet

Raise of hands...how many of you were cloth diapered as babies, cloth diaper your babies or know of someone who uses cloth diapers?!  I was cloth diapered as a baby and I cloth diaper our son.  LOVE IT!  I also know several mommies who cloth diaper...some I went to high school with.  Give me a shout if there's anything you want to know!

Already cd?  Interested in cd?  This link will tell you more about it...and you can sign up for free stuff!!!  I haven't won yet, but there are always coupon codes (when you sign up for newsletter @ KellysCloset) for free diapers, free shipping, and other merchandise.  I've received 4 FREE cloth diapers! 

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