Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The H Family :: Waveland

How could I possibly be posting images from this summer??  These were taken late August...let's just say I've been SWAMPED with seeking out vendors for this weekend's Treat or Treat event and preparing for my photo booth.  Whew....

Family friends who are near and dear to my heart met me at Waveland for an evening of memory making.  Some photographers feel Waveland is over done, old news, so last year...but I don't care how many times I shoot there, they images are still absolutely beautiful.  Even I don't get bored of Waveland!  


I want to photography every toddler, child and teenager at this gate.  How could you not want a picture of your little loved ones here?!  It NEVER gets old...

I'm starting to fall more in love with the hazzy sun in the background!

And the windows in the little log cabin NEVER go out of style...unless you're too big to squeeze through the door! 

Never too old for swings...

I've already called dibs on senior portraits for all three kids.  ;)

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