Monday, April 29, 2013

Summer Craig Jewelry :: Retail Photography

One thing you learn quickly when starting up a business is not pass up an opportunity.  After some experience in different areas, you may find your focus or 'niche' in which you succeed at.  I'm still trying to find my niche, but I won't pass up an opportunity to try something new!

Summer Craig of Summer Craig Jewelry recently asked me to photograph a few of her pieces to go along with her website make-over.  She came to me with ideas in mind of what she wanted the final images to look like.  A clean, crisp white background was a must.  I quickly did a Google search of 'how to take pictures of jewelry.'  On a side note, would we know how to do anything without Google?!  Up popped tutorials and advertisements for light boxes.  Well, given I don't have a large clientele in the jewelry business, I couldn't justify spending any substantial amount of  money on pre-fab, brand-spankin'-new  light box and all the accessories it entails. 

However, during my net surfin' I fortunately stumbled across a crafter's blog, who also photographs her wares as a hobby.  She created a step-by-step tutorial on building you own light box with these simple materials: cardboard box  (check!), white tissue paper (check!) and white poster board (added to the week's grocery list...check!).  Cheers for the fragile DIY-ers out there!  Hubby and I went to town with the utility razor cutting out holes on each side of the box (we had plenty of boxes to choose from since our recent move) and taping white tissue paper over the cut-outs. 

With much sweating from the all lights, flashes and just plain frustration of figuring something out the first time, we ended up with these shots....


Drooling over these few creations?  Head over to her facebook page and leave her some love!  Then hop on over to her Etsy shop and browse her entire on-line collection.  Also, just a disclaimer, the images on her sites may not reflect the work I've in progress!

Interested in having some of your work photographed?  I charge an hourly rate of $75.  Please ask about pricing options for images and discs. 

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