Thursday, April 25, 2013

Miss A :: 10 months

10 months already...time FLIES!  Every time I've labeled this family's online gallery, I'm 2 months behind on Miss A's age!  For those who haven't had children, it really is a blink of an eye and they are talking in full sentences, spouting off facts and vocabulary from a recent exploration in which you didn't even think they were paying attention.  Little eyes and ears are watching you! 

Miss A's parents recently moved to a home located on a farm which boards horses.  Picturesque scenery if you ask me!  To see horses from every window of their home and the sun rise and set is almost a dream come true.  The family invited our whole gang to join them for dinner before the shoot began (Miss A's daddy and I worked together in college and have stayed in touch).  Our four kiddos are all close in age and the weather was mighty warm for the season, so play date for the other lil ones followed after a delicious dinner. 

I cannot wait until our next session (1 year) when we conclude Miss A's baby package with an entire family session!  Barns, fences, fields, HERE WE COME!

If you're interested in a baby package, they make great gifts or investment for memories to come!  Click here for pricing.  You may customize your package to suit your needs by adding or substituting sessions.

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