Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Miss K: 9 months

A gorgous early June evening was in store for this cutie's 9 month old session.  As a side note (if you haven't been following my house-living-where-abouts drama) ALL of my chair props are in storage, but luckily I had a small wicker rocker which I stowed at my parents house when Nate and I were married (and all my beautiful wicker furniture had to find a new home...but I wasn't ready to part with it yet)!  Whew....it saved the day for sure! 

I can't believe her 1 year session is just around the corner!  I have two other baby-package customers and all three kiddos will turn one around the same time. Time for me to get my hind end in gear and paint that high chair I scored from a garage sale and make my rag-tie backdrops....so much to do!  We'll see if it gets done! 

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