Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Holly Jo & Michael's Wedding: Christ the King & Keeneland

One word sums up this couple's wedding: TEAMWORK. 

Both business professionals took their wedding planning on full steam ahead with the same meticulous, thorough planning they do with their work projects.  I'd like to think of it as a divide and conquer mentality.  I do believe Michael was more involved in wedding planning than any other groom I've met!  As for the meticulous planning, you should have seen the spread sheet complete with timeline, details and side notes Holly Jo compiled for the days leading up to and the day of their wedding!  This couple may be every wedding photographer's dream!  I hardly had to make any adjustments to their photography time line.  But not only have they put such careful thought into making sure this day got off without a hitch (well, except these two getting hitched!) they were waaaay flexible! 

The church had a same day function prior to their scheduled nuptials - which went beyond schedule.  Not a single formal photo was taken prior to the wedding, which means ALL were put on hold until after the ceremony.  I must say, Holly Jo and Michael kept their cool!  We had to revisit the drawing board in regards to the photography schedule, we had a Plan A and Plan B if you will...moving certain poses here or there, doing without some poses all together and holding off on some poses until the reception site because there just wouldn't be enough time. 

All in all you have to take a step back and realize what is the most important event of the day.  The I DO.  Did it happen?  You betcha!  Yes, your wedding ceremony is oh-so-very-important, but as a veteran (of 4 years...haha!) I really cannot remember every single wedding detail I had planned months prior to our big day.  We have four years under our belt, two children under our wings....and our dream home we are searching for.  The big day becomes a sweet memory, but just imagine how many more memories Holly Jo and Michael will make in the years to come!

So here's to Holly Jo and Michael!  May you keep your dear friends and family close to you for support and you will be able to survive anything that comes your way! 

I'd like to give a shout out to my 2nd and 3rd photographers - Jaye Baesler and Dwayne Lloyd!  Dwayne has been in photography waaaay longer than I have, but he just started the business end of it and wanted some experience with weddings, so he tagged along.  I am thrilled to have another photographer to call upon!  Dwayne has been taking care of some of my customers while I'm on extended maternity leave, sabbatical....whatever you want to call it!  Hop on over to his site and check him out!  He's on facebook as well.

Dwayne snapped this one!

Kudos to Dwayne!

Wish I could take credit for this one, too!

With 2nd and 3rd photographers you have the luxury of a photographer to document all the details at the reception before guests start arriving. 

HUGE props to Dwayne for spying the sofas and carefully positioning them infront of the tunnel at Keeneland.  I think I'll keep Dwayne around!  ;)

Friends or family of the bride or groom?  Ask them for the password to see all the images from their big day.  Here's the quick link for you! 

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