Friday, March 23, 2012

Babies: 6 months

As most of you probably know I've been on maternity leave...well, not an official leave, but not scheduling sessions other than the families who had purchased a Baby's First Year Package.  So for their 3 month sessions I awkwardly positioned my behemoth of a belly on the ground or floor to snap images of them holding up their heads and for their 6 month sessions I had some 'cushion' where that belly used to be...along with some bags under my eyes to show for the mid-night feedings.  But now I'm getting back into the swing of things.  I waited until I had all three 6 month sessions complete before making the post...trying to be time efficient with our almost-two-year-old and two month old...some of you mamas and caretakers can relate, I'm sure.  ;) 

Miss B was first up for her photo session.  Chilly weather kept us in doors, but we still snagged a few adorable pics in her tutu in time for Valentine's Day!

Miss K 'rolled' in just for all the spring-time temps.  Never in March had I photographed a child almost naked!  We were lucky with the weather.  I also had a chance to borrow a wash tub and show off one of my new flowered creations.  Take a peek...
{the 'roll' was intended...but the shots I have don't show 'em off...always so sweet on lil babes!}

And finally Master T got the sweet end of the deal with even warmer temps...daffodils were in bloom!  You can see 'em in the background of his basket pose.

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