Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Maternity Session

So my husband and mother are on the same page with maternity sessions...why?  As in, 'why bother?'  Sure, we snapped a few candid pictures of my growing belly from the past 8 months, but why bother with an official session with another professional photographer.  Insert sarcastic comment here from husband ----> "Why do we have to pay another photographer to take our pictures when you have a nice camera and tripod?!"  Oh dear...I just shake my head...he just doesn't understand!  And my husband and mom just don't 'get' the bare belly pictures.  Oh well.  I think it would be pretty hypocritical of myself to take pictures of other pregnant women, but not have my own maternity photo shoot.  ;) 

We used Ben Keeling as our photographer for our maternity session.  And he's going to do our newborn session as well.  I know, I know...I could probably do that myself, but I would like a family picture...and once husband would use the 'but you have a tripod' excuse.  But I digress...seriously...I was SO unhappy with my son's newborn pictures I took that I was very thankful to have Michele Carlisle document our new family.  For those of you who have had children and remember those first few weeks (if you can remember anything at all), you know your brain isn't firing on all cylinders...or at least mine wasn't.  So the newborn pictures I took of him were less than desirable.  :(  So we look forward to the arrival of our baby girl sometime around Christmas and New Year's. 

*I've been referring customers to Ben & Michele during my maternity leave.  :)

PS  I'm still hoping praying it is still a girl...I still doubt the ultra sound since my husband's family has a track record of NOT producing girls.  Not to mention all the money we've invested in pink and purple.  There's always craig's list if the ultrasound tech was wrong...and store returns/exchanges!  And yes, the baby IS his...for you readers who have a sense of humor.  ;) 

Thanks again Ben for documenting this special milestone in our lives!  :)

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  1. These are beautiful Amanda! I LOVE the one of your little man kissing the sweet.