Thursday, December 8, 2011

The A Family: Waveland

...just one more session...I glance at my husband with my face twisted up in a wince.  He just looks at me knowingly and responds, "I thought you were supposed to start maternity leave like a month ago."  He understands my passion, my drive, my motivation - and heck - when you're self employed every opportunity affects your payday.  The payday is constantly in the back of my mind since I'll be taking off several months for maternity leave AND not sure how much business I can take on with two kids at home...under the age of two.  But the Good Lord doesn't give us more than we can handle.  :) 

As for the A Family, I took on their session - as you can tell, other wise I wouldn't be writing about them!  ;)  I have to admit, I was nervous...not quite sure what to expect.  But what nerves lingered at the beginning of the shoot were looooong gone by the end!  The A Family has quite a sense of humor and the ability to make anyone feel comfortable and at ease in their presence.  They treat you as if you are real person and not just a photographer and 'let's hustle and get this shoot over with.'  And because of their ability to connect and relate, their pictures turned out awesome...imo.  I love nothing more than families (especially dads and husbands) who aren't afraid to show their affectionate side towards their children and wife.  I'm such a sucker, aren't I?! 

With a tough schedule to work with AND at the mercy of the weather - we were able to pull this session off outdoors.  Whew...I mean, I can shoot indoors, but I prefer outdoors WAAAAAAY better!  Luckily for us the 40% chance of rain held off until the next day.  Sorry for all you FBers who were complaining about ANOTHER rainy Monday, but it REALLY helped me out.  ;) 

Enough's the A Family!  :)

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