Thursday, July 21, 2011

D Family: we had to settle for the park

What do kids and weather have in common?  Both are so unpredictable!  Unfortunately the D family fell victim to Lexington's mid-summer storms that pop up out of the blue!  After rescheduling a few previous times due to rain, we were bound and determine to make this session happen.  The evening of our session Mom D calls to report her husband is in Nicholasville and claims it is pouring buckets...where I live in Lexington...dry as a bone.  A few minutes later Mom D calls again to report her husband is now in downtown Lexington (where our shoot is going to take place) and it is still raining and the streets are flooding.  What?!  I live like 4 miles west of downtown and not a drop has hit our sidewalks!  So since no rain is in sight in my part of the city, Mom & Dad D make their way to our neighborhood park.  Talk about a wild goose chase!  Off in the distance we can see some dark clouds looming so we don't waste any time squeezing off a few shots.  Just as we are about to wrap up with the oldest son's lollipop pictures, the heavens open up!  Nothing like lickin' on a huge lollipop and playin' in the rain!  Fortunately I was able to edit most of the rain drops off his worries he wasn't sweating that profusely...I'd call off a shoot for extreme heat! ;)  Enjoy!

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