Friday, March 14, 2014

New Changes

I started to make post title "Changes for 2014," and realized we're already half way through March.'s getting in the way!  Also, it doesn't feel like photography starts in the new year until I may technically be late on my announcement, but according to my 'work' calendar I'm just on time.  That's my story and I'm stickin' to it!

Two changes for this year...

one - digital images will now be offered via Dropbox.  You may still opt to receive your images on disc and mailed or picked up, but it will be an additional $5.  I'm really trying to cut back on 'waste' and resources, so one way is to urge customers to go the Dropbox route.  Also, with Dropbox you receive your images sooner!  With two tots at home (one preschool aged and the other wanting to do preschool activities), making less runs to the post office makes my life just a tad easier. 

psst - not sure what Dropbox is how to use it?  Just click on the hyper links and it will take you to the Dropbox tutorial.  As a creature of habit who resists change (especially when it comes to technology - I still don't have a smart phone) Dropbox is fairly easy to use!  There is no worry about 'not having enough space.  I will be the one who is sharing the files to you, so you may decide to keep them on Dropbox and transfer them to another storage device (highly recommended).

two - some mini sessions may have a higher session fee.  This is due to any site fees I am required to pay to photograph on certain grounds.  There's a lot of debate within the photography forums about some of the 'public' areas that are requiring photographers to schedule and pay fees to conduct business on their property, but I will abide by the rules.  In the past I've avoided sites that require feeds, but recently I've had individuals request to have their pictures done at such locations.  So for mini sessions scheduled at such locations, each family will be responsible for their 'share' of the required site fee. 

That's it!  No price changes in sessions, image collections or prints!  As the weather gets warmer I hope to get my mini sessions scheduled! 

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