Monday, February 6, 2012

1 month

When Lauren turned one month old, we were visiting my grandparents in Virginia.  Here are two quick images from her 'mini session.'  I took her pictures in their kitchen, which was an add-on to their home that showcased the backyard complete with gazebo, bird feeders - a bird watchers paradise.  And yes - that means LOTS of large windows for letting in natural light!  I do believe Lauren will have her dad's 'brows, she uses them A LOT.  It may have been a bit too bright in the kitchen for her - hence the brows.

And a few quick pics of big brother during this trip.  :)

Funny story!  I left Isaac in the hands of my mother so I could take a much needed shower (those stay-at home moms can TOTALLY relate, right?!).  When I returned, the baby gate had been put up at the foot of the stairs and my mother was quite the picture lounging in a wing back chair, side table lamp giving light to that day's paper.  In silence.  Parents know when their children are silent they are up to something!  'Mom, where's Isaac?'  'Oh, he's right here in the hall.' Without a glance as she turns the page of the newspaper.  I step further into the kitchen and see little hands peeking out from behind the counter tops.  My son had reached up to the counter and successfully gotten a hold of his bucket of side walk chalk.  Luckily the linoleum floor is washable! 

Watching 'The Cat in the Hat' during breakfast.  Good thing he had forgotten about the TV in the kitchen once we returned home.  :)  The only time he can throw down pancakes AND watch the Thing-a-ma-jigger with Thing 1 & 2 is at the great-grandparent's house.

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