Saturday, November 19, 2011

Greg & Stephanie

This year we celebrated our 10th high school reunion...AGH!  That means we're getting older!  Stephanie and I were friends from high school.  Meeting up with her took me down memory lane...we were both on the swim team for high school.  I can almost smell it now...the over-chlorinated pool of the Cross Keys YMCA which was sometimes too heated for us swimmers in the winter...not to mention we sometimes wondered 'what is that?!' on the bottom of the deep end.  And don't forget your flip flops in the showers!!  We also had fond memories such as claiming the title of state champs (I can't remember which year, but I'm sure I still have the t-shirt to prove it)!But I digress...we also had a science class together, I'll omit the names to protect the innocent...but our certain science teacher used the word 'um' a lot....ummm I mean A LOT!  Is 'um' even a word?  So to keep ourselves entertained during class we would tally - that's right, take a tally - of how many times she uttered 'um' during her lesson.  Geeze, I could probably keep going on, but I'm sure you'd rather see the pics!

We were ever-so-lucky with the weather for our session!  Not only was the weather purrrrfect, but nature was in sync with us as well.  There were just the right amount of leaves still on the trees and ground (and the right color I should add) to show we were smack dab in the middle of fall!  What made Greg & Stephanie's session even better was Steph's dress.  I don't believe she could have chosen a better color for their favorite season.


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